August 22, 2019 by Franco Berardi

European Identity? From ideals to reality according to Bifo

The drift of democracy and the advent of the "white supremacist bloc" in close alliance with finance, from Anders Breivik to Anders, alias of the thinker Gunther Sterns, the end of solidarity and social composition as we know it, in the lucid and rational analysis of Franco Berardi called Bifo. We keep researching in the depths of the concept of identity for MaTerre....

January 22, 2020

MaTerre at the Ministry of Economic Development

  At the Ministry of Economic Development we had the great pleasure to meet the Undersecretary Hon. Mirella Liuzzi to whom we introduced our innovative digital cinema project MaTerre, dialoguing on the new audiovisual frontiers related to new technologies, new immersive digital languages and innovation.

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