The Questions

The first questions of Aenigmata, on the relationship between the concept of identity and language

The Answers

Our five poets respond. And they are substances, styles, sensibilities, very different reactions, all unequivocally intense, to the first Aenigmata on identity


Aenigmata #2: Religion and trial

Aenigmata #3: Nation, place, control

Manuela Stefanelli
Identity, poetry and immersive processes: these are the themes of the Summer School -MaTerre which begins today in Matera at the Hotel San Domenico with many guests from the world of cinema, law, poetry and anthropology.
Giuseppe Rossi
What do we mean by citizenship? The institution whose purpose is not only to recognize, but also to determine the "place in the world" of the person. With Giuseppe Rossi, associate professor of comparative private law at the IULM University of Milan and lawyer at the Foro di Milano, we continue the path of identity following the common thread of
Francesco Campagnola
Everything we are and do leaves a permanent trace that identifies us. For MaTerre here is the story of the identity of Francesco Campagnola, Professor at the University of Ghent.   Fish and stones. A reflection on traces, symbols and identity Years ago, I was observing a huge bank of carp swimming all in the same direction, following the channel
Flavia Monceri
Is identity identification? A thousand shades of a question that has always been at the heart of the philosophy: "Who am I?". And if it all comes down to a label, can we try to imagine the consequences on people's daily lives? This is the reflection on identity for MaTerre by Flavia Monceri, Full Professor of Political Philosophy at the
Manuela Stefanelli
Dear poets, dear intellectuals who will write on this blog, Dear students who will attend the Summer School in Nice in the ideal Materre that is our university, our school, our Faculty of Law, we have begun to study three legal proceedings in which individual and collective identity is rewritten: the trial for extortion, misappropriation and conspiracy based on false