Identity, poetry and immersive processes: these are the themes of the Summer School -MaTerre which begins today in Matera at the Hotel San Domenico with many guests from the world of cinema, law, poetry and anthropology.

The summer school is organized by the University of Eastern Piedmont, Interdepartmental Center for Research on Communication of the University of Turin in collaboration with Rete Cinema Basilicata.

On 23 August all the meetings will be open to the public.


“We are alone in the storm”

(Rocco Scotellaro, Pozzanghera nera on April 18)


Tuesday 20 – Saturday 24 August – Hotel San Domenico, Via Roma 145, Matera


Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21, h. 9-18:

Itineraries between cinema, diving and Oculos starting from Dreams of blue (Valentina Paggiarin, Italy, 2017)


Thursday 22nd, h. 10:

Screening of the short film Roberta K. (Angelo Cretella, Italy, 2019) and the documentary Selfie (Agostino Ferrente, Italy, 2019) with A. Cretella and A. Ferrente – Cinema Il Piccolo, Via XX Settembre 14


Thursday 22, h. 15-16.30:

Immersion in the process: the students’ opinion. Aenigmata: the trial of Scotellaro, the Turkish intellectuals, Mimmo Lucano (from the short film Roberta K.)

h. 16,30-19: Fernando Bellelli, Giovanna Gabbi (Unimore), Il caso Bellelli Mario Ricca (Intercultural law, University of Parma), Il caso Riace


Friday 23rd: Art Immersion h. 9-13th:

Valentina Paggiarin (HIVE Division), Narrazione e regia nel cinema immersivo (skype) Angela Colonna (UniBas), Narrazione generativa del paesaggio e teatro della mente Antonello Faretta (director), Materre VR360, il cinema oltre il cinema Enzo Niutta (artist), Giuseppe Rossi (IULM), Identità. Places and time. Dialogue between an artist and a jurist


Friday 23, h. 15-18: Appeal to European culture: for a disabled humanism.

Jacques Gilbert (Université de Nantes), Immersion et politique (skype); Paolo Heritier (Philosophy of Law, University of Eastern Piedmont), Immersion as an Emblematic Form; Fernando Bellelli (Unimore), Deontology of the Foundation and Legal Pedagogy: Aesthetics of Third Age and Affective Turning Point of Customs. h. 18: Love of One’s Similarities. Rereading Rocco Scotellaro, Lello Voce, Domenico Brancale


Saturday 24th: Immersion in identity h. 9-13:

Mario Ricca ((Intercultural law, University of Parma), Legal chorology and identity dynamics Flavia Monceri, Paolo Biondi (University of Molise), Representation of identity: between process and product. Vision of the courts: Sophie Lavoie (Anne Émond, Canada, 2010); A Society (Jens Assur, Sweden, 2012); Cailleach (Rosie Reed Hillman, UK, 2014); Bär (Pascal Flörks, Germany, 2014)


Saturday 24, h. 15-18:

Domenico Brancale (poet): Translating a distance: on the condition of exile in the language

Lello Voce (poet): The poetic process Final roundtable: The political seriousness of the comedian: Alessandro Campo (University of Eastern Piedmont), Flavia Monceri (University of Molise), Mario Ricca (University of Parma), Giuseppe Rossi (IULM), Lello Voce


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