April 19, 2019

Materre sold-out yesterday for its first date!

Sold out yesterday for the first day of MaTerre and the performance of the poet Domenico Brancale followed by the journey in the visuals of Blerina Goce, Albanian director, both engaged in the realization of one of the five episodes in reality immersive 360 degrees of MaTerre. The interview by Alessia Guglielmi of Il Mattino…

April 21, 2019 by Franco Piavoli

Nostos, Piavoli in Matera with his Ulysses

Franco Piavoli will be in Matera on April 24 for MaTerre, in a Lectio on cinema. In his contribution to Carta di identità, Nostos, his Ulysses, is the symbol of a timeless hero in search of the identity between memory and nostalgia for his origins....

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Scannaciucce by Domenico Brancale

Drag the video with the mouse to activate 360° mode!

Scannaciucce is the cruel name that in the Lucanian dialect of Sant'Arcangelo the farmers gave to the agave plant. At the edge of clayey paths, its long leaves surrounded by thorns wound with bitter ferocity (scanna-re) the donkey (ciucce) at its passage: a mockery of the pack with its crown of thorns imposed on the ignorant, the idiot-poet whose idiom is divided into ragli, like a voice that from silence widens and drains to torment. To understand the braying is the experience of "there is nothing to say, nothing to do", and there is only this nothing in which to believe and throw oneself, where the poetic word is said and written in the tremor of a failure, in the lost light of a body that dies and another that is born. To understand the braying is to rediscover one's own identity in the other, to discover in the humiliated face of the beast the invisible divine.

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