February 12, 2019 by Paolo Heritier

First legal-aesthetic provocation: process, identity, look

Identity is a process. Identity is a process because it is a becoming, it does not stand still, it is various, plural.
Something of it persists transforming itself....

January 17, 2019 by Sergio Rostagno

Notes on identity

To get out of these dilemmas, which have created so much suffering, we need a system to manage identity. “Own” and “identical” mean the same as the Greek word “idios”. From that word comes also the Italian «idiot».

What about Materre?

MaTerre is an articulated, multidisciplinary, innovative, revolutionary project in manners and contents. This project combines cinema with poetry, embracing anthropology, law, literature in order to give image, sound and life to the concept of identity, in all its forms.

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