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Identity Card MaTerre's blog is dedicated to the meaning of IDENTITY, which is the basic theme of this project. What is identity today, what do we mean when we use this word, what are all its possible meanings? To answer we have called numerous artists, philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists who will accompany us throughout the long journey of MaTerre 2019

Franco Berardi
The drift of democracy and the advent of the "white supremacist bloc" in close alliance with finance, from Anders Breivik to Anders, alias of the thinker Gunther Sterns, the end of solidarity and social composition as we know it, in the lucid and rational analysis of Franco Berardi called Bifo. We keep researching in the depths of the concept of
Giuseppe Rossi
What do we mean by citizenship? The institution whose purpose is not only to recognize, but also to determine the "place in the world" of the person. With Giuseppe Rossi, associate professor of comparative private law at the IULM University of Milan and lawyer at the Foro di Milano, we continue the path of identity following the common thread of
Francesco Campagnola
Everything we are and do leaves a permanent trace that identifies us. For MaTerre here is the story of the identity of Francesco Campagnola, Professor at the University of Ghent.   Fish and stones. A reflection on traces, symbols and identity Years ago, I was observing a huge bank of carp swimming all in the same direction, following the channel
Domenico Brancale
Poets are a critical conscience and a revolutionary push of society: Domenico Brancale and his Pasqualina and "Scannaciucce" met him, in the wonderful performance of April 18 last, which excited us. Today for MaTerre he tries to answer the oldest of the questions: "Who am I?" and with his contribution he helps us to take a small step forward in
Franco Piavoli
Franco Piavoli will be in Matera on April 24 for MaTerre, in a Lectio on cinema. In his contribution to Carta di identità, Nostos, his Ulysses, is the symbol of a timeless hero in search of the identity between memory and nostalgia for his origins.
Gabriele Frasca
How the "I" changes and how the role of poets in the digital world of 4.0 has changed. From lyrics to hip-hop, here are Gabriele Frasca's considerations on the identity of poetry.   The power of “I” Since the interface has replaced the piece of paper, the poet shapes his poetic world with new tools each time he composes some
Adriano Aprà
In his article on MaTerre for the research for the identity of cinema, Adriano Aprà makes a lucid and far-sighted analysis of the current situation of the Italian film industry and of the positive aspects of the new era of cinema.
José Emilio Burucúa
According to José Emilio Burucúa, professor of modern history at the Buenos Aires University, the concept of identity can be deceptive and dangerous, often a trap of political despotism, without the search for a possible balance between individual and collective identity. Here is his historical-linguistic path to research on MaTerre's identity
Paolo Fabbri
The collective identities are expressed to the first plural person. But the “We” is not only the multiplication, the diffusion of the concentrated singularity of the “I”.
Richard K. Sherwin
What do I know of being otherwise? Is a bot as good as a living soul to share presence with? How do I know what I want is what I want and not what Netflix (or Amazon or Google or Facebook) wants me to want?