The drift of democracy and the advent of the “white supremacist bloc” in close alliance with finance, from Anders Breivik to Anders, alias of the thinker Gunther Sterns, the end of solidarity and social composition as we know it, in the lucid and rational analysis of Franco Berardi called Bifo. We keep researching in the depths of the concept of identity for MaTerre.



Anders versus Anders

In 2011 a Norwegian named Anders Breivik killed 77 young socialists of various nationalities: it was his way of protesting against multi-culturalism. Anders Breivik has been condemned by the Norwegian justice system, but what interests me in his history is the Declaration of European Independence that that psychopathic murderer published on the Internet. In that declaration Anders Breivik explains that a Muslim invasion favored by cultural Marxism is underway, and argues that the identity of the white race and Judeo-Christian culture must be defended against the danger of an economic and cultural invasion from the south of the world. Anders Breivik explicitly states that he does not consider himself a Nazi because, in his words, Adolf Hitler did not understand that the real danger does not come from the Jews, but from the Muslims and in general from the inferior races that threaten our Judeo-Christian culture. Jews, on the contrary, are part of the superior race, and they are our allies. This horrible set of racist idiocies was quickly removed from European consciousness when a judge condemned the murderer, but an Italian MP named Mario Borghezio, a member of Matteo Salvini’s party, caused a scandal by declaring that, if Anders Breivik’s action was a bit questionable, his thought could be shared by one hundred million European citizens.
A few years later we must recognise that Borghezio was not so far from the truth, given the electoral triumph of the nationalist, xenophobic, openly racist and fascist parties in the national elections of almost all European countries, and in the elections of 26 May.
A few years later, after his heroic action, Breivik can enjoy his fame in the comfortable cell of a Norwegian prison. Ethno-nationalism is the truth of Europe.
The humiliation produced by the cancellation of democracy in Greece in the summer of 2015, the impoverishment caused by austerity measures, the privatisation of social services, the education and health system have caused a motion of rejection of the European project, and an effect of mass xenophobia.
Can we now defend the Union, can we claim a little more democracy, as the training launched by Yanis Varoufakis, precisely called Democracy in Europe in 2025, tried to do? No, we cannot continue to spread these kinds of illusions that are denied by reality.
First of all, we must put a stop to the rhetoric of democracy. This word simply indicates a methodology of political decision based on the will of the majority of the people, or at least of the majority of those involved in the game. From this point of view Matteo Salvini represents democracy in Italy, Marine Le Pen represents democracy in France, and Mitsotakis represents democracy in Greece, just as Adolf Hitler represented democracy in Germany in 1933.
Experience has shown us that Julien Benda’s claim was an illusion: European unity cannot be founded on abstract ideals, nor on the free will of the citizens, because free will does not exist and because the historical reality of peoples (which is not identity, but the social and cultural composition of the majority of Europeans) has ended up prevailing. Powerless to escape austerity, humiliation and impoverishment, Europeans have reduced themselves to defending the privilege accumulated through colonial rule, and for this reason they entrust their fate to nationalist movements that promise to defend them against globalist financial aggression, but in reality they simply defend them against migration and excite their desire for revenge.
The games are over: the history of liberal democracy is over, there will be no return of the left and of democracy, there will never be a return of the spirit of solidarity that corresponded to a social and technical composition that no longer exists. The alliance of financial capitalism and supremacist ethno-nationalism is the future of Europe and the future of the world.
The Osaka summit in June 2019 confirmed this: Vladimir Putin’s press conference was dedicated to setting out the broad lines of the new philosophy of world power: liberal democracy is dead, national religious and racial identity is the foundation of the new order, and the white Judeo-Christian alliance emerges as the holy face of global power.
The main purpose of the white powers (US, Russia, EU and Japan) is already now the hoarding of the resources of the countries of the South whose population will have to be decimated, the rejection of the massive migration that is drawn on the horizon as an inevitable effect of climate change, the progressive and scientific extermination of a part of the earth’s population.

For some years now I have been obsessed with the words of a thinker named Gunther Sterns, but who at the beginning of the Nazi era changed his Jewish name, and attributed himself with a delightfully ironic pseudonym: Anders, which in German means “other”, as if to reveal the emptiness of the obsession with identity.
According to Anders, who in 1962 published a text entitled Wir Eichmannsöhne (We Children of Eichmann, published in Italy by Giuntina), the essence of Nazism is the automation of the inhuman. Auschwitz and Hiroshima mark the beginning of an era destined to replace the hand of man with technical automata in the extermination of humans.
From this point of view Hitler’s Nazism was only an experiment destined to reappear in the future, when there will be the technical means to perfect the extermination project. That future is now.
Anders was accused by his contemporaries of being a sower of panic. But fifty years after the publication of his works we need to have the intellectual courage to recognize that his prediction is coming true: a white supremacist bloc in alliance with financial violence. But it is a contradictory process that cannot be concluded without conflicts and explosions: the next step is the European civil war. The signs are multiplying, as in Yugoslavia in the 90s, which was destroyed by the alliance between German finance and Balkan nationalism.

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Bifo is the pseudonym of Franco Berardi, a graduate in literature and philosophy. Franco Berardi starts signing Bifo on the abstract paintings he paints in middle school. Later he became an archaeologist and joined the Potere Operaio group, participating in the '68 movement at the University of Bologna where he attended letters and philosophy. In 1970 he published his first book with Feltrinelli, in 1975 he founded the magazine "A/Traverso" which became the sheet of the creative movement of Bologna. In 1976 he participated in the editorial staff of Radio Alice. In 1977 he escaped from Bologna where the police sought him out for incitement to class hatred by radio. He took refuge in Paris where he met Guattari and Foucault. He returned to Italy for a short time and then moved to New York, where he collaborated with the magazine "Semiotexte" and from where he sent articles for the Milanese magazine "Musica 80" directed by his friend Franco Coltelli. He travels extensively in India, Mexico, Nepal and China. In 1985 he returned to Italy and founded with a group of friends Opia, a center for mental ecology. In 1989, after a period of study in California, he began to deal with the phenomenon of the telematic network as a decisive social and cultural phenomenon. In 1991 he participated as an actor and screenwriter in the film "Il Trasloco" by Renato De Maria. In 1994 he organized, with the consortium of the University of Bologna, the international conference Cibernauti. He then committed himself to the creation of a virtual museum among the nine cities of European culture of 2000.

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