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Identity Card MaTerre's blog is dedicated to the meaning of IDENTITY, which is the basic theme of this project. What is identity today, what do we mean when we use this word, what are all its possible meanings? To answer we have called numerous artists, philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists who will accompany us throughout the long journey of MaTerre 2019

Manuela Stefanelli
When identity has no borders, not even art supports them.
Manuela Stefanelli
The identity of each of us is in fact a victim of the alienation of identity, even if on a scale and with radically different aspects. And it fights against this alienation.
Cinzia Sciuto
  Identity is one of the most used and abused words of our times. Everyone asks for it, everyone invokes it,  but as soon as we try to define it, its meaning gets out of hand like an eel.   We can deal with identity referring to two types of subjects: individual (single people in flesh and blood) and collective
Elvio Fassone
Praeter legem. Salvatore's story. The thirty-year correspondence between a lifer and the judge who condemned him to perpetual punishment
Manuela Stefanelli
Identity is a process. Identity is a process because it is a becoming, it does not stand still, it is various, plural. Something of it persists transforming itself.
Sergio Rostagno
  We read in many Christian texts about the one God, which is the same for everyone. Once a truth is set - our own - it is believed to be unique. Not only it is believed, sometimes we claim to impose it universally. For example, we can read the following sentence in the Qur'an, presumably addressed to Christians: