MaTerre. Euro-Mediterranean Cine-Poetical workshop.

Materre is a Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 project, co-produced by Rete Cinema Basilicata, Matera Basilicata 2019 Foundation and Lucana Film Commission.


WHY Materre

MaTerre is an articulated, multidisciplinary, innovative, revolutionary project in manners and contents. This project combines cinema with poetry, embracing anthropology, law, literature in order to give image, sound and life to the concept of identity, in all its forms. His name is an assonance, heartfelt and at the same time nostalgic: MaTerre in French means “my land”, and the pronunciation sounds very similar to the name of the small, great Matera, today the universal protagonist of culture.


Io sono un filo d’erba (I am a blade of grass): Rocco Scotellaro

The verses by Rocco Scotellaro (still today emblematic of the southern Italian situation), which MaTerre is inspired by, evoke the concept of cultural, political and geographical identity, but above all human, existential: “I am a blade of grass, a thread of grass that trembles. And my homeland is where the grass trembles. A breath can transplant a distant seed”. MaTerre wants to redefine and defend, due to its original meaning, the true concept of identity, today tormented by stereotypes, flattening, prejudice, censorship and homologation. MaTerre’s work recognizes the identity as a bridge to the other, distancing its meaning from all sovereignism and the obtuseness of social and political identity.

“I am a blade of grass, a thread of grass that trembles.
And my homeland is where the grass trembles.
A breath can transplant a distant seed”.

MaTerre is a creative construction that identifies itself with a real “process” (one of the last forms of expression that have their raison d’être in orality!) to all the possible declinations of the content “identity”. MaTerre wants to think and commute in an artistic form all the imagery connected to identity: the mother earth, the origins, the freedom; the concept of nation, community, collectivity, integration, minority.



Between April 18 and May 2, five poets and five directors (chosen by artistic directors from the current Euro-Mediterranean scene) will be host in an artistic residency in Matera to produce in pairs (a poet with a director) five films of poetry whose focus is identity: each couple of artists will take a leaf out from their own experience with the landscape of the Matera area, with the history of the Sassi of Matera and with the marvelous rupestrian churches.
Just in the rupestrian churches the directors and the poets will find the film set for their works: these magnificent structures carved into the rock, unique in the world for their nature and their beauty, will welcome the sets of directors and shooting for the five episodes. During the experience in Matera the ten protagonists will have the task of exploring the place, perceiving its essence, experiencing its sounds, its light, its atmosphere and comparing all these emotions with their artistic instincts. Throughout this period the ten directors and poets will get in touch with distinguished names of poetry, anthropology, cinema, literature, law, who will be hosted in Matera at the same time and engaged during the two weeks of residence in “lectio” or public performances, which the poets and film makers themselves will be sometimes an active part and that will be streamed on MaTerre’s official channels.


A “film of poetry” in five episodes in a 360 degrees immersive reality

The result of these two weeks of residence will be a “film of poetry” in five episodes (each for each pair of artists), designed in a 360 degrees immersive reality. A sort of perpetual video-sound installation between the Sassi and the story of Matera that exploits – for the first time in the poetical-cinema – one of the most sophisticated and current video technologies: cameras and 360-degree viewers, the same of video games. In MaTerre, it is possible to experience the 360 degrees immersive reality, thanks to the courage and the enthusiasm towards the technology that is about to become a universal multimedia platform that is becoming more and more widespread; a “different” world that welcomes our body which lives, moves, searches with its eyes and arms the surrounding context.


The making of

In addition to the film in five episodes, it will be also filmed a “making of”, or for being more faithful to the artistic concept, a “film on the film” very similar to the Boccaccio Decameron’s frame: a sort of mediation between all the creative processes, a “meta-film” that contextualizes the message and tells it in a unitary and external vision.



Together with the staging and production of the film, dozens of scholars, poets, artists are already engaged in the most diverse reflections on the themes of MaTerre.

Identity card
The contributions of intellectuals from all over Europe populate “Identity Card”, a dense blog, which lodges the thought of poets, anthropologists, law scholars, writers, philosophers and academics with various backgrounds. Essays with an high scientific and critical value, specifically requested for the occasion, enrich the reflection on identity and its processes and lay the foundations for a wide-ranging reflection on urgent themes of today’s society and art.

To the heading “Aenigmata”, on the website, corresponds a section that includes an academic work carried out by the students of the University of Turin and Eastern Piedmont, with the collaboration of the Marentino Community of Terra mia Onlus: from it emerged three sets articulated by a list of questions – then addressed to poets, artists and intellectuals whose answers are published in Aenigmata – which aim to reflect spontaneously, and not necessarily rationally, about the dynamics of identity, the topic that today “agitates and touches deep down, where rationality, individual and collective, fails to give light” (Paolo Heritier). The project is told to the public by the boys themselves and by prof. Heritier in Matera on 23 August.

Harmonic identities
In “Harmonic Identities” we collect performances, sound contributions, the work in progress, shootings and movies, all the audio and video witnesses that, step by step, compose in its entirety the complex MaTerre project, including moments of creation, production and realization of the film during the backstage, as well as the most diverse personal contributions of the guests and the poets participating in the project.


MaTerre is a Matera Capitale Europea della Cultura 2019 project, co-produced by Rete Cinema Basilicata and Matera Basilicata 2019 Foundation, co-financed by Fondazione Lucana Film Commision and in partnership with: Meditalents (France), Albanian National Film Center (Albania),  Rattapallax (USA), Italian Institute of culture Madrid (Italy), CIRCE/Università di Torino (Italy), DAMS/Università della Calabria (Italy), Universosud (Italy), Noeltan Film Studio (Italy)
Official sponsor Banca Bcc Basilicata, Banca Etica
In partnership with CNA, Confederazione Nazionale Artigianato e Piccola e Media Impresa e Dipartimento delle Culture Europee e del Mediterraneo – Università degli Studi della Basilicata

Artistic Directors: Antonello Faretta, Paolo Heritier, Lello Voce
Project manager: Adriana Bruno
Board of experts: Giacomo Martini, Adriano Aprà, Ilir Butka, Ram Devineni, Didier Boujard, Bruno Roberti

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