The 360° filming of the collective film MaTerre has just been completed. It was an extraordinary experience in which five directors worked with five poets, all from the Euro-Mediterranean area, living an innovative cinematic experience where local tradition met the technologies of the cinema of the future.

Only outdoors shooting with natural light, MaTerre will debut in world premiere on August 24 next Rome

AdnKronos/ – Cinema and poetry, past and innovation, environment and technology. MaTerre’ combines all this in a single evocative vision. Project of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019, co-produced by Rete Cinema Basilicata, Fondazione Matera Basilicata 2019 and co-funded by Lucana Film Commission, is a film of poetry in five episodes directed by five pairs of artists (one director and one poet per episode) from cities of Mediterranean Europe, whose filming has just finished.
MaTerre’ will be shot only outdoors and with natural light, through a 360° action cam, ecological and non-invasive. The film will make its world premiere on August 24, 2019, at the Earth Festival, thanks to 5G web technology and workstations equipped with special 360° viewers.

The audience, therefore, can literally immerse themselves in the vision of the film, inspired by “My beautiful homeland” by Rocco Scotellaro.
Not only that: there is also an editorial project around which sociologists, linguists, anthropologists, jurists and philosophers, but also students, debate and question themselves on the blog “Identity Card”, about the dynamics of contemporary identity.

In the meantime, there are many in-depth events open to the public, including meetings, interviews and performances with illustrious people from the world of cinema, poetry, anthropology and literature.

MaTerre’s ‘Making of’ will also be on show: a travel diary in images that shows the phases and methods of working on the project.
On the project’s website, “Aenigmata” is the result of the work of the students from the University of Turin and Eastern Piedmont in collaboration with the Comunità di Marentino di Terra mia Onlus: questions to poets, artists and intellectuals, to reflect on contemporary identity.
A theme that “shakes and touches in the depths, where rationality, individual and collective, is not able to shed full light,” says Paolo Heritier, artistic director with Lello Voce and Antonello Faretta.
“Harmoni identities” is the section that collects performances, sound contributions, work in progress, videos and testimonies that,
each tile, they make up ‘MaTerre’.


It has been a very intense ten days that have seen the participation of an extraordinary public in the activities, performances, lectio and all the events. And thanks to the filming of the 360° performances of the live performances we can see, as if we were still there, the poetic and artistic moments that followed one another in an idyllic setting.


Drag the mouse on videos to activate the 360° mode.


Rete Cinema Basilicata would like to thank all the directors and poets Giuseppe Schillaci, Vito Foderà, Gianluca Abbate, Blerina Goce, Elena Zervopoulou, Domenico Brancale, Eduard Escoffet, Aurelia Lassaque, Yolanda Castano and Nilson Muniz and all the extraordinary production team that made possible the filming in Matera and in the park of the rock churches. These days the editing and post-production of the film will begin.


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