MaTerre, in Turin presented the project of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019, co-produced by Rete Cinema Basilicata, Matera Basilicata Foundation 2019 and co-financed by Lucana Film Commission


Turin, the city of cinema par excellence and the Turin Piedmont Film Commission, seem to have been made on purpose to launch an ideal virtuous bridge with Matera2019, in the name of a project – MaTerre – that combines with great courage some of the fundamental values ​​of the European Capital of Culture: the tradition and technological innovation.
MaTerre is a multidisciplinary and innovative project, revolutionary in its ways and contents.
The project has been inspired by the verses by Rocco Scotellaro from “La mia bella patria”, where the concept of homeland, identity and belonging takes on a breath of universal scope.


Landscape, poetry, innovation, tradition and ecology

Between April 18 and May 2, 2019 five poets and five directors (chosen by artistic directors from the current Euro-Mediterranean panorama) are guests in residence in Matera to produce in pairs (a poet with a director) the five episodes of the film. An innovative cinema, born – following the mission of Matera2019 – in respect of some fundamental values: landscape, poetry, innovation, tradition and ecology.
The five episodes will be shot in the Parco delle Chiese Rupestri and with natural light thanks to 360 ° action cams, light, ecological and non-invasive tools that will connect the magnificent cinematographic scenario of Matera with its great historical and landscape tradition. In the Parco delle Chiese Rupestri – the churches are carved into the rock, and they’re unique in the world for their nature and beauty – directors and poets will find the film set for their works. During the weeks of the experience in Matera, in a sort of artistic short-circuit, the ten protagonists are called to explore the place, perceive its essence, experience its sounds, light, atmosphere and compare it with their own artistic impulses and the values ​​of the country of origin. Alongside the work of the artists, there will be many in-depth meetings open to the public (including meetings, interviews, performances) with illustrious representatives of the world of cinema, poetry, anthropology and literature.


A collective poetry film in 5 episodes

The result of the residency will therefore be a collective poetry film in 5 episodes that will be released as a world premiere in Matera on August 24th, during the Earth Festival that will enliven the city from dawn to sunset. Through special stations equipped with 360-degree viewers (the same of the videogames ones), people will be able to “immerse” themselves in the vision of the film and its suggestions.


Simultaneously with the world preview, the “Making of” by MaTerre, a “film about the film” by Antonello Faretta, which tells the story of the experience of Matera, a sort of travel diary for images that returns all the phases and processing methods of MaTerre. The Earth Festival will propose a full program of music, poetry and visuals: an original production with the title “MaTerre: Cinepoetica” that will involve the volcanic Balanescu Quartet, the quintessence of the fusion between musical traditions and innovative artistic gaze; the eclectic composer and sound director Luigi Cinque; the performances between sound and poetry by Frank Nemola and Lello Voce and all the artists (directors and poets) engaged in the project.


John Giorno at MaTerre

Guest of honor of the new Opera, is the tutelary deity of poetry and international performance, the brilliant John Giorno, the greatest innovator of Performance Poetry, the one who elevated the Spoken Word to a high art form and who arrives in Matera for seal MaTerre: Giorno – which has Lucan origins – has the courage to love its traditions so strong that it turns them upside down and reinvents them with a revolution in the heart.



Intellectuals and scholars on the theme of identity for MaTerre

At the same time to the preparation and production of the film, dozens of scholars, poets and artists are already engaged in the most different reflections on the themes dear to MaTerre and their interventions give form and richness to the project every day.
MaTerre, in fact, is already living as a welcoming creative construction site around all the possible variations of the “identity” content and wants to reason and return in an artistic form all the imagery connected to it: the mother earth, origins, freedom; the concepts of nation, community, integration, cultural minorities.
The fruit of the research of the many intellectuals of Europe are the contributions to Identity Card“, a dense blog edited by Lello Voce and inserted in the site of MaTerre.
Here the thought of filmmakers, poets, anthropologists, legal scholars, writers, philosophers, academics of various origins is expressed. Essays of high scientific and critical value that lay the foundations for a wide-ranging reflection on urgent themes of today’s society and art.
Among the intellectuals who have contributed and will contribute are Sergio Rostagno, Paolo Fabbri, Massimo Arcangeli, Cinzia Sciuto, Richard Sherwin, Adriano Aprà, Franco Piavoli, and many others.



The “Aenigmata“, still on the site, also corresponds to a section – edited by Paolo Heritier – born from an academic work carried out by the students of the University of Turin and Eastern Piedmont, with the collaboration of the boys of the Community of Marentino di Terra mia Onlus: this work resulted in three articulated sets of questions – then addressed to poets, artists and intellectuals – that aim to reflect spontaneously, and not by rational force, about the dynamics of identity: that theme that today “stirs and it touches deeply, where individual and collective rationality fails to shed light (Paolo Heritier).
Aenigmata finds its fulfillment on 23 August in Matera, with the professors and students of the universities involved in the work.


Harmonic Identity

Finally, Harmonic Identity” is the section of the site – curated by Antonello Faretta – which gathers the performances, the sound contributions, the work in progress, the videos, all the audio and video testimonials that, by piece, make up in his completeness of the articulated project of MaTerre, including the moments of creation, production and realization of the film in the backstage, as well as the most different personal contributions of the guests and poets participating in the project.



Speech by Ariane Bieou, Cultural Manager Matera Basilicata Foundation 2019

“The MaTerre project fully represents the spirit of the Matera 2019 dossier as it starts from tradition, represented by the poetry of Scotellaro, with a strong bond with its land and its homeland, to move towards the future, through the use of innovation and the most advanced technology.
The intangible heritage thus becomes a source of inspiration for a production that uses the great potential of immersive reality. Furthermore, in the exchange between Matera and Europe, the MaTerre project decided to focus on young filmmakers in the Euro-Mediterranean area, embracing the gaze from the South of Europe that Matera proposed with its candidacy for European Capital of Culture” .



MaTerre is a project of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019
co-produced by Rete Cinema Basilicata and Fondazione Matera Basilicata 2019
with the co-financing of the Lucana Film Commission Foundation
in partnership with Meditalents (France), Albanian National Film Center (Albania),
Balkan Film Market (Albania), Rattapallax (USA), Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid, CIRCE / University of Turin (Italy), DAMS / University of Calabria (Italy), Universosud (Italy), Noeltan Film Studio (Italy)
With the support of BCC Basilicata, Banca Etica
With the patronage of the Municipality of Matera, CNA National Confederation of Craft and Small and Medium Enterprises and the Department of European and Mediterranean Cultures – University of Basilicata

We thank the Film Commission Torino Piemonte for their precious collaboration and hospitality.


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