“Rai3, Matera-Italia” tells MaTerre through the words of its protagonists (interview by Beatrice Volpe).


MaTerre is an articulated, multidisciplinary, innovative, revolutionary project in manners and contents. This project combines cinema with poetry, embracing anthropology, law, literature in order to give image, sound and life to the concept of identity, in all its forms. His name is an assonance, heartfelt and at the same time nostalgic: MaTerre in French means “my land”, and the pronunciation sounds very similar to the name of the small, great Matera, today the universal protagonist of culture.


Io sono un filo d’erba (I am a blade of grass): Rocco Scotellaro

The verses by Rocco Scotellaro (still today emblematic of the southern Italian situation), which MaTerre is inspired by, evoke the concept of cultural, political and geographical identity, but above all human, existential: “I am a blade of grass, a thread of grass that trembles. And my homeland is where the grass trembles. A breath can transplant a distant seed”. MaTerre wants to redefine and defend, due to its original meaning, the true concept of identity, today tormented by stereotypes, flattening, prejudice, censorship and homologation. MaTerre’s work recognizes the identity as a bridge to the other, distancing its meaning from all sovereignism and the obtuseness of social and political identity.

“I am a blade of grass, a thread of grass that trembles. 
And my homeland is where the grass trembles. 
A breath can transplant a distant seed”.

MaTerre is a creative construction that identifies itself with a real “process” (one of the last forms of expression that have their raison d’être in orality!) to all the possible declinations of the content “identity”. MaTerre wants to think and commute in an artistic form all the imagery connected to identity: the mother earth, the origins, the freedom; the concept of nation, community, collectivity, integration, minority.



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