“Tokusatsu” With Silvio Giordano and Shake beat: the party with special effects to close the artistic residence of MaTerre and greet the poets and directors and all participants.

Admission is free, the start at 21.00. We look forward to seeing you at Le Monacelle di Matera.

What does Tokusatsu mean?
Tokusatsu are Japanese films or TV shows that belong to the science fiction genre, as the word itself also indicates, it means “special effects”.

Before and during the Second World War, high-level modeling techniques were developed, designed to add realism to the war movies of the time.

After the war, U.S. forces banned the production of war films. The Japanese model makers chose, however, to continue their work in that area, which would then allow them to get the most out of the effects, namely science fiction.

Silvio Giordano (Artist, filmmaker, performer) collected thousands of Tokusatsu films which he then transformed into short animated gifs. The images, between the grotesque and the phantasmagorical, are projected in loops accompanied by a Dj-Set by Shakebeat. Their engaging sets range from the most sought-after beats to the most rhythmic grooves, always creating a feeling with the dance floor.

Silvio Giordano
(Artist, Performer, Filmaker, Creative Director) born in Potenza in 1977. In 2009 he won the Celeste Prize/SectionVideoarte (Milan), in 2009 he collaborated with the project Mammut by the artist Robert Gligorov. In 2010 he won Roma Europa Web Factory Roma. He is selected for the Biennial of Videoart in Korea at the Sungkok Art Museum at the 25th International VideoFormes Manifestation (Clermont ferrant France) He accompanied with his images a Lectio Magistralis del. Prof Umberto Galimberti (Philosopher, Psychologist and Writer) entitled “The body in Western culture” for the festival city of 100 scales. In 2015 he took part in the cultural event “La Milanesiana” conceived and organized by Elisabetta Sgarbi. In 2015 she exhibited at the MUDEC Museum of Contemporary Cultures in Milan for the institutional exhibition THE FUTURE OF ITALY. In 2016 he made the film The Prince of Venusia, about the music and the torments of the madrigalist Gesualdo Da Venosa. 2017. He collaborated with Selvaggia Lucarelli for some art videos on the magazine Rolling Stones. Since 2018 he has been the creative director of FRAMEWORK. Master in Theories and Techniques of Cinema (Potenza)

The duo Shake Beat formed by Aniello Golluscio and Maurizio Marchese was born from the winning combination of passion and music.
Through numerous projects with Italian clubs and thanks to their decades of experience, exhibit their DJ set throughout Italy boasting collaborations with leading artists on the European scene! Their engaging sets range from the most sought after beats to the most rhythmic grooves, always creating a feeling with the dance floor. Many of their future projects, we will feel beautiful!

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