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18-27 April – The Residency

The artistic residency that has seen the artists engaged in workshops, performances and activities ends. Sold out for all the events involving guests such as Franco Piavoli, Adriano Aprà, Bruno Roberti, Jacques Gilbert and many others.

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April, 10 2019 – Presentation in Matera

MaTerre comes to life: on Friday in Matera, the presentation of the ecological film on the themes of the earth, freedom and active European citizenship. On Friday 12th April, at 11.30 a.m., in the Mandela Room of the Municipality of Matera, there will be a press conference for the presentation of the MaTerre, Cinepoetico Cinepoetico Euromediterraneo project.

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March, 13 2019 – Press Conference – Turin

Turin, the city of cinema par excellence and the Turin Piedmont Film Commission, seem to have been made on purpose to launch an ideal virtuous bridge with Matera2019, in the name of a project – MaTerre – that combines with great courage some of the fundamental values ​​of the European Capital of Culture: the tradition and technological innovation.

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5 ottobre 2018 – MaTerre al Balkan Film Market

The Materre project lands in Tirana. Antonello Faretta (president of Rete Cinema Basilicata and artistic director of Materre together with Lello Voce and Paolo Heritier). «I am happy to give a taste of our innovative project right here by our Albanian partners of the Balkan Film Market with whom we are building an important path that will see us together towards and beyond 2019, which for us
undoubtedly constitutes a point of departure and not of arrival “. Rete Cinema Basilicata and its partners with this project intend to research, through the magnifying glass of cinema, the points of contact and proximity (cultural, linguistic, anthropological) between the different Euro-Mediterranean countries using poetry as a language that unites peoples and cultures. Inspired by the poetic revolutionary style of Rocco Scotellaro, a real film yard will be built in an artistic residence in Matera between April and May 2019.

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Antonello Faretta on the microphones of the RadioRai “Hollywood Party” broadcast



The podcast of the  Zazà Radiotre’s episode with the intervention of Lello Voce on MaTerre

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